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Frankly Speaking

A very traditional woman by her own admission, Xiang Yun believes that soup – and supplements – are a great way to stay in good health.

All Souped Up

Says Xiang Yun,”I think that health is very important. I love making Chinese soup at home and I believe Chinese soup is very essential for health. No matter how busy I am, I would still insist on making soup. In the past, I usually went to wet markets before filming in order to buy ingredients for making soups.”

So how did our soup-loving actress learn to love soup? It all began, she says, with her mother.

“My mother is a Cantonese,” Xiang Yun tells us. “And she has been making Chinese soups since I was small – which is why I love those soups so much.”

And it was due to her mother’s influence that Xiang Yun herself became a soup specialist.

“Since my mother and her family grew vegetables in the past, my mother was good at making numerous kinds of vegetable soups. When I grew up, I started making nourishing soups myself, especially Chinese medicinal soups. Plus, since I have also learnt many soup recipes from my interviews with lots of nutritionists and diet therapists for my previous TV shows, I also tried to make those newly learnt soups.”

With that many soupy influences in her life, does Xiang Yun have any favourite soup recipes?

She admits, “Actually, I have lots of “family soups”, which were passed down for generations in my family. However, I’ve also discovered that the soups made of fruits, like apples and pears, are actually very tasty. The taste from these “modern soups” can provide you with different feelings.”

Of course, her family benefits from her soup seduction – till today, her family, which comprises hubby Edmund Chen, and sons Yi Xin and Yi Xi, all love having soup on their dining table.

Supplements for life

Soups are not the only mainstay of Xiang Yun’s dietary health defences. As spokesperson for Ren Xin Tang, Xiang Yun also believes in the value of traditional supplements. Says Xiang Yun, “The Ren Xin Tang product that I am taking now is “Bai Feng Wan”, which is especially for women. It can improve women’s metabolism and constitution.”

And she is merely following in the footsteps of women like her mother, Xiang Yun reveals. “Actually, women have for decades always taken “Bai Feng Wan” to support their health.”

According to her, in those days, “Bai Feng Wan” was made up of numerous granules. “It is much more convenient to take it now compared with the old days,” she shares. “I find that “Bai Feng Wan” can really help me to maintain my health and get prepared for the future.”

In addition, Xiang Yun also recommends Ren Xin Tang’s Cordyceps Sinensis (dong chong xia cao).

She says, “This product is particularly useful for maintaining my energy and vitality. Since I need to take care of my children and have less and less time for sleeping, I always feel tired easily. With the help of “Cordyceps Sinensis”, I can restore my energy and so I believe it is useful for housewives and working mothers.”

And as one of Singapore’s best-known artistes, she knows more about having to work and take care of family at the same time than most. LW


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